Guest blog by: Joy Ross of Style It Salon Hair And Makeup

Business Name:  Style It Salon Hair And Makeup


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I am not sure where to start. For as long as I can remember I wanted to do something with fashion and hair. My parents strongly encouraged me to go to college. I received a BS degree in fashion design and business. I loved the field and designed a successful wholesale clothing line for several years after moving to Hilton Head. Right before the recession in the late 80’s I met a hair colorist and began traveling to hair classes and events with him. After having cocktails at the Waldorf in NYC with Vidal Sassoon and other icons in the hair industry I decided to go to beauty school.
My passion was satisfied. I love this business!!!
After apprenticeship for over a year I was able to begin taking clients. One of my clients was a wedding planner on the island. Remember it was a much more exclusive destination 28 years ago. She asked me to do hair and makeup for a very exclusive wedding and my motto then was ” fake it till I make it” so I said ” sure”. Shaking in my shoes I arrived to make a girl named Winnifred ( yes not lying) beautiful for her four day gala marriage to a man named Worthington. It was an experience like no other. After accomplishing that amazing task I was officially the hair and makeup go-to girl. My business name was originally ” joyous occasions”. I did many TV commercials, print ads, and even Chris Everett’a hair and makeup for her tennis video.
Today I have style it salon and continue to fuel my passion doing hair services at my salon in old town Bluffton.  A large portion of my business is wedding hair and makeup. I’ve probably done 1500 weddings estimating low.
It is such an important service for brides to be polished, pretty , finished for the pictures that will live forever of their amazing day. I personally think it is one of the top three services for a wedding. The money spent on dress and other special magical items without a professional hair style and makeup is not a complete event. It should be at the top of the list. It’s too late to change once the day is over.  Throughout the years I have been doing weddings on location I have seen more and more people jumping on the wedding train saying they do bridal hair and makeup. There is that old adage you get what you pay for. Hopefully it’s the right decision. Corners should not be cut in this category. Have a practice appointment. Bring pictures. See if you feel comfortable with that person. Look at reviews. Make the correct choice.