Randy Bartlett

By January 21, 2017Uncategorized

Randy’s pet peeve #9,450…
I really hate when people ask for a recommendation for anything, and use the term “reasonable.” On our Nextdoor group, “Looking for a reasonable electrician.”
I see it all the time. They mean, “cheap.” They mean they’ve asked some professionals, gotten professional prices, and now they want to find someone to do it at what is probably an unreasonably low price. Later, they’ll complain about this guy. Or maybe not. Maybe they’ll get lucky – it happens.
But I’d just like to see them be honest. “I don’t want to pay a professional properly for their time, advice, experience, skills and talents. Unlike my employer, who does that for me, I’d like to pay them an unreasonable rate, so that I can have more money for Starbucks, a car payment I can’t afford because I overbought and dinner out (again) because I’d rather spend my money on that than paying someone a reasonable wage.”
No one, NO ONE exists in business charging unreasonably high prices. The market won’t allow it. When someone is being unreasonable, it’s the person who knows nothing about the service deciding the professional is charging too much.