Where should we put the photobooth at our event?

By March 19, 2017Photobooth, Uncategorized

So, you have decided to have a photobooth at your wedding or event?  Photobooths are great fun and also provide favors for all of your guests so you can actually kill two birds with one financial stone.  However, the question often comes up about where the photobooth should be located and often gets placed in a different room from the rest of the event.  Why?  Well I guess the reason could be to save space in the main room, otherwise there doesn’t seem to be a benefit to putting the photobooth in another location.  There are however many drawbacks to putting the photobooth in another room.  First, it just doesn’t get used as much.  Photobooths are fun for everyone and the more people that use the booth at your event, the more value the host will get from their rental and the more fun the guests will have.  The second reason to keep the booth in the main room is that people have more fun when they are together. Taking the booth out of the room means that some of the guests will be out of the room at some time during the event.  Dividing guests into different locations is almost never a good idea when it comes to having a great event with lots of fun and dancing.  Lastly, if the booth is out of the room and the guests of honor go out of the room to use the booth they will be sorely missed in the main room of the event.  Take a bride and groom for example, when they leave the room the party often goes with them. Keeping the booth in the room with the rest of event makes sense on many levels, it creates more fun and excitement, it creates more value from the photobooth rental and the photos that the bride and groom or host get from the booth will be much better.  Talk with your planner and see what they have to say on the subject, not every situation can be covered in a blog post and your situation may be different.